About us

Gerhard StoeckerDear Aviation Customer and Friend,
The time has arrived to reintroduce me to you our valued Customer.
Allow me to tell a few things you need to know about me and my firm Gulf Air Aviation LLC.
Having more than 24,000 hours of flight time in heavy and light airplanes it is still a great pleasure to fly today in any kind of airplane.
I’m operating from Page Field (FMY & RSW) since 1995 for different Firms.
Gulf Air Aviation, LLC is now established under my supervision.
Gulf Air Aviation, LLC is approved by the Transportation Security Administration to instruct international students with a maximum takeoff weight over 12,500 lbs.
This includes also Jet and Turbine Propeller training for the first time in Fort Myers Page Field.

A big part is taking place in the sale of Jet and Turbo Prop. aircraft.
Gulfstream III – V, Bombardier, Cessna, Beech Jet’s and Beech King Air 200 series.
As a certified member of the National Aircraft Appraiser Association (NAAA) I’m also authorized to do appraisals for piston engine aircraft and in the near future helicopters and Jet aircraft as well.


We do!

  1. Ferry Flights worldwide, in Jets and Turbo Prop Aircraft.
  2. Maintenance flights to and from repair stations around the world in Turbo Prop and Jets.
  3. Flight training in a King Air B 200 to get insurance accepted 100 hours or more in type.
  4. Set up and meet the requirement of TSA with a MTOW of more than 12500 lbs.


Gulf Air Aviation, LLC is certified by the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) to appraise aircraft.

What is an NAAA Aircraft Appraiser?


Appraisal – The act of developing an opinion of value;

An opinion of value – An opinion in monetary terms of the worth of real personal property (not necessarily the same as price or cost).

Price – The amount asked, offered, or paid for a property.