What is an Appraisal

An Appraisal is Different Things to Different People.

To the Buyer, the appraisal is an impartial professional opinion as to the value of the particular aircraft they are planning to purchase. Further, the appraisal can assist in expediting the sale of the aircraft because the buyer and seller know the fair market value and relative condition of the aircraft through the independent appraisal.

To the Seller, the appraisal gives them the confidence of knowing the condition and the current fair market value of their aircraft.

To the Banker, the appraisal documents the value, and condition of the aircraft. The appraisal also supports the bank’s collateral position in the aircraft loan.

To Everyone, an appraisal is an impartial opinion of the value of an aircraft, prepared by experts who know all the factors which make up the current behavior of the Used Aircraft market. It is an opinion of value based upon experience and repeated analysis of these factors. It is an opinion of value which can be substantiated and justified. It is an opinion of value made by a Certified, Recognized, Professional Aircraft Appraiser.

To be impartial and correct, the Professional Aircraft Appraiser must acquire all the facts about the aircraft in question.
National Aircraft Appraisers Association Members Assure the Best Possible Information by Providing the Following Services.

  • -Detailed examination of airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems.
  • -Careful review of aircraft documentation including log books etc..
  • -Computer analysis of relevant data.
  • -Sealed Certificate of Appraisal with detailed computerized report submitted to client.