Why is an Appraial so important

An aircraft is an expensive investment. Whether it is time to buy, sell, donate or determine fair market for litigation purposes – we can help.

Some of the ways an appraisal is used to:

  1. Obtain a professional opinion of the present fair market value of an aircraft.
  2. Obtain a professional opinion of the value of an aircraft to be renovated or modified.
  3. Provide expert opinion of the value of an aircraft as a prudent safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains and other taxes as well as to justify values in litigation and during donation.
  4. Verify damage claims resulting from fire, hail, windstorms, accidents and other disasters.
  5. Provide the basis for decision-making in the commitment of funds for acquisition.
  6. Provide persuasive independent evidence of the condition of an aircraft.
  7. Assist a prospective purchaser in obtaining financing or insurance.
  8. Assist the financial institutions by substantiating the nature and value of the aircraft as it relates to collateral.
  9. Assist the financial institution by supporting the Loan Portfolio for examination by the loan committee and/or bank examiner.
  10. Distinguish seller’s aircraft from others that may be listed for sale. This should reduce the time required to sell an aircraft by 50%.

The SINGLE Most Frequently Asked Question
Why not use VREF, TAP or another market source to determine value?
The Answer
You are not buying or selling an ‘average’ aircraft. You are buying or selling a specific aircraft. An NAAA certified appraiser determines a value based upon the specific aircraft – not some general market averages. An appraisal requires the aircraft be seen and the value be verified, in person.